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West Play's Mile End studio offers a safe, nurturing place for children and families to come and find the support they need to navigate life's challenges that impact the way children and young people perceive themselves and the world around them. Our practice supports children and families who struggle with mental health like anxiety and depression as well as experiences of trauma, children with disabilities, children who find it hard to cope with changes including family separation and other challenges in life. At West Play we offer a range of services including early intervention services to support children and families including Play Therapy, support for parent and child relationship and group programs and training.





    Play Therapy has supported children:

  • Increase their ability to self-regulate

  • Enhance problem-solving skills

  • Ability to foster positive relationships

  • Improved Communication

  • Decreased challenging behaviors

  • Increased Self-Confidence


"Play Therapy is now a well researched and effective form of psychotherapy/counselling for a wide range of childhood emotional, behavioural, social and psychological difficulties"(APTA, 2016)​

"Children use play as a natural form of communication in everyday life and opportunities to play are important for every child’s development. However play therapy is a different experience than everyday play for the child, as the specialised skills of the trained play therapist enables the child to enter into a therapeutic relationship wherein the child can safely express, explore and make sense of their difficult and sometimes painful life experiences" (APTA, 2016). 

At West Play we are influenced by the Synergetic Play Therapy® approach. It is, "a researched-informed model of play therapy blending the therapeutic power of play with nervous system regulation, interpersonal neurobiology, physics, attachment, mindfulness, and therapist authenticity. Its primary play therapy influences are Child-Centered, Experiential, and Gestalt theories."(2008)

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Alison Smedley

Hi, I am an Accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers. I am a DIR Floortime Professional. I have Post Graduate Qualifications in Developmental Trauma through The Australian Childhood Foundation and Play Therapy training with Play Therapy Australia and Synergetic Play Therapy and am a Level 1 Yoga Kids Instructor.

During my 20 year Social Work career, my passion for working with families and young people has seen me work in private and Government organisations  working in Disability, Brain Injury and Womens and Children's Disability and Complex Care. I have been drawn to the therapeutic benefits of play and how supporting people to connect with and learn about themselves in authentic and safe relationships can provide profound change and wellbeing. 

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