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Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a non-directive method of therapy that helps children communicate their inner experiences through the use of not only toys and props but also art materials, musical instruments and the medium of sand. An essential component of this is the therapeutic relationship and a safe environment. Conventional talking therapies may not be appropriate for children and young people who struggle to describe complex feelings.

Play Therapy works on supporting children to develop confidence and positive self-esteem find healthier ways of communicating and can promote resilience and coping, in ways that are appropriate to their age and developmental stages.



Our Mile End studio is set up specifically to provide spaces where your child can feel supported and safe to work on challenges.

Studio based therapy provides a range of therapeutic rooms which can cater to sensory needs and various activities depending on a young person's motivation and body's needs.

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School visits are helpful in understanding a child's experience at school. They assist in working on environment specific influences of regulation and assist working on  participation and social and emotional goals within a school setting. We are able to collaborate with teachers and other allied health. It allows us to work closely with facilitators to ensure that they understand your child's specific needs in their education setting. 

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A Tele-health option is available for those who are unable to travel to a  Therapist to access services. We have experience using Tele-health to support individuals with maintaining connection and the therapeutic process.

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We are a Western suburbs based service providing Play Therapy to children and young people in metropolitan Adelaide. West Play aims to only implement practices that are respectful, culturally competent, trauma sensitive and empathetic. We presume competence, respect the child's  individual sensory differences, neurodiversity and body autonomy. 


Building 6 32-56 Sir Donald Bradman Dr. Mile End, SA.

Ph: 0491 090 967

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